The 7 House Cleaning Tips You Need To Know

With that said, here then, are 7 Useful House Cleaning Tips That You Need to Know to bring you a bit more of that balance between life and a clean home:

Identify your CLEAN triggers.

Are you the type that needs a spotless bathroom but can deal with laundry piling up and an unmade bed? Do you need the sink cleaned out but don’t mind a paper stack on the counter? For me, my trigger point (can come in a lot of forms really, hello, OCD) is really set off by floors! I can deal with dishes and the random laundry basket, but can’t stand walking on crumbs, and with four kids, crumbs are a part of life. Knowing this though has helped us to set our home up for success with a robot vacuum and an easy solution for anyone to help with the floors — a Swiffer!

Find kid-friendly solutions for easy-breezy cleaning.

On top of a Swiffer floor cleaner to easily keep your floors tidy, a Swiffer Duster simply makes dusting and cleaning easy breezy, and something even our littlest household members can help with. Of course, it’s main use, for dusting, is a chore most don’t love, but instead of pushing dust around, a sweep of the Swiffer actually removes it from surfaces. BUT, I truly love using the Swiffer Duster when we’re cleaning up the floors too! When using a vacuum, there are times it doesn’t catch all the debris that piles in the corners, or between the fridge and counters, or under cabinets. Use the Swiffer Duster to quickly push the debris out in front of the vacuum for an easy clean.

Clean out your refrigerator once a week. 

It takes less time than you think and you will save money by knowing what you already have in there and use up what is getting old! Erasable markers help to keep the fridge organized (works on drawers and containers) after you’ve cleaned it out with the help of a Magic Eraser!

Save time and money in the laundry room with a DIY stain treatment roller.

Pre-treat your tough stains with an easy-to-make rollerball. Just fill a 10 mL rollerball bottle with Laundry Detergent (or Dawn), roll on to any tough stains, and let sit before washing. This is a great option for kids to use before they toss their laundry into the wash or basket. Plus, simplify your weekly laundry routine by getting the family involved. Have everyone separate clothes as you go and involve the family in the routine — someone starts a load, kids transfer to the dryer and everyone helps fold. Toss in Tide Pods or Gain Flings for a faster, more convenient way to wash.

If you’re anything like our family, you need laundry cleaning power that packs a big punch. The tagline, “If it’s got to be clean, it’s got to be Tide” has stuck with me through the years… even my own mama used Tide and I remember watching her pre-treat our knee stains and food spills with a little pour of that blue liquid. Being a creature of habit, it’s always something I go back to, but love that I can make it easy on my family tp pitch in and help (which, let’s face it, means easier for me!), with laundry pods!

Keep the shower clean as you go!

No one likes to spend the weekend deep cleaning the bathrooms, so save time in your shower by keeping up on the regular. Before taking a shower, grab a Magic Eraser and swipe firmly across any dirty surfaces. In just a few swipes, it will bust through tough soap scum. While you’re at it, you can also use the Magic Eraser to blast away other scuffs around the shower, like hard water stains and even cut the grime on your shower door. Then just hop in and rinse it all away as you shower!

A home that smells clean always feels so much cleaner!

Besides keeping laundry fresh, there are so many ways to use Downy Unstopables to keep a fresh-smelling home as well. Sprinkle a few on carpet or rugs before you vacuum to freshen the air (and your vacuum!) or add 1/4 capful to a spray bottle of water to make a fabric refresher spray for carpet, upholstery, and linens. Plastic can sometimes absorb stinky smells and you can keep your garbage can fresh by adding some Downy Unstopables to a small sealed bag, poke a few holes and leave below the garbage bag in the bin to keep a fresh scent.

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